October 13, 2023


Women in Macedon are being encouraged to try something new and find the joy in movement as part of VicHealth’s This Girl Can Week from 9-15 October 2023.

Building on the highly successful This Girl Can campaign, the week features a range of fun,free (or low-cost) activities designed to welcome beginners, and those who are curious to try something new.

There are a wide range of fun, free or low-cost activities hosted by gyms and sports clubs across the state, tailored to women and girls who want to get active but aren’t sure about how to take the first step.

Member for Macedon, Mary-Anne Thomas said the beginner-friendly events were fun,inclusive and ideal for women who want to move more but aren’t sure about how to take the first step.

“This Girl Can Week is about supporting women to get back into exercise – whether that’s rejoining a sports team, going for a walk with a friend or giving something completely new a try,” Ms Thomas said.

“It’s about giving something a go and discovering again how good being active can make you feel.”“I encourage women and girls to check out the fantastic, beginner-friendly events happening in our local area or join in online and show that in Macedon this girl definitely can!”

VicHealth’s Head of This Girl Can – Victoria, Rebecca Ahern said This Girl Can Week is about creating more opportunities for women to enjoy movement amongst the busyness of life.“This Girl Can is an uplifting, energetic and empowering campaign which speaks directly to everyday women juggling work, family and trying to find time for self-care,” Ms Ahern said.

“We know how tricky it can be for women – especially mums – to prioritise their own physicalactivity while caring for others. Five minutes is better than no minutes, whether it’s chasing the kids around the park or walking around the block, I encourage all women to make timefor themselves during This Girl Can Week.”

“There’s no judgement if you haven’t exercised in a while or ever! All that matters is that you give it a go and find what feels good for you.” Ms Ahern said this year there are more opportunities than ever before to join in and it doesn’t matter where you live.

“There’s lots of fun options to try, from dancing to yoga and everything in between. Checkout the This Girl Can Facebook events page to find an event near you or check out our free online workouts.”

To find out more about what’s happening in your area, be sure to check out events near you by heading to the This Girl Can website or on the This Girl Can – Victoria Facebook page.

Women who can’t make an in-person event during This Girl Can Week are encouraged to check out the free, accessible and beginner-friendly workouts on the This Girl Can website.

About This Girl Can - Victoria:

This Girl Can – Victoria, now in its sixth year, is a VicHealth campaign aiming to increase physical activity among Victorian women. It focuses on less active women and supports gender equality by challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes in sport and by celebrating women.

This Girl Can – Victoria is the local implementation of the original ‘This Girl Can’ campaign in England, which is owned and operated by the English Sports Council (Sport England). Sport England used National Lottery funding to create the This Girl Can campaign in 2015. 

VicHealth is the first organisation in the world to license the campaign from Sport England. VicHealth is promoting This Girl Can – Victoria in partnership with a range of organisations and community groups across the state including high profile sporting codes, sporting clubs and charities.

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