Kyneton Primary School

Ms THOMAS (Macedon) — Last Wednesday marked a truly historic day in Kyneton. It was the day when the Minister for Education joined with me and Kyneton Primary School captains Emily Watson, Max Short, Ben Short and Ivy Morris-Perrott to turn the first sod on the long-awaited rebuild of Kyneton Primary School. I say historic because this moment made reality the hopes and aspirations of a group of committed parents who ran a six-year campaign to secure the educational facilities their kids deserve.

The new Kyneton Primary School will deliver the Kyneton education precinct, a fantastic proposal devised 10 years ago and supported by the Bracks and Brumby Labor governments. Despite progressing to a master plan stage by 2010, the incoming Baillieu government of 2010 abandoned the plan and proceeded to neglect entirely the education needs of young people in Kyneton.

Today I would like to acknowledge the women who refused to be ignored by a Liberal government that dismissed their pleas for investment in local schools. With determination and resourcefulness these women campaigned to ensure their voices were heard and fought for access to the education their kids deserve. This campaign was initiated in 2011 by former Kyneton Primary School president Fiona Copeland, and was continued by the school’s parents and friends president Nialin Waterson as well as Kate Coleman, Anna Treasure, Sharon Kittson, Amy Cockroft, Cassandra Eklom, Rosie Torr and Lisa Ohlmus. It gives me great satisfaction to record these women’s names in Hansard. That other great parent activist Joan Kirner would be very proud of each and every one of you.