Daylesford Secondary College

I raise a matter for the consideration of the Minister for Education concerning Daylesford Secondary College. The action I seek is that the minister visit Daylesford Secondary College at his earliest convenience and again confirm the government’s commitment to allocate $10 million to complete the rebuild of this fantastic government school. I have raised the issue of Daylesford Secondary College a number of times in this place, and I continue to do so because this facility is desperately in need of funding to complete its much-needed rebuild. It is a rebuild that was commenced by the previous Labor government and completely abandoned by the Liberal government.

In the past 12 months the minister has visited the school on two occasions. That means, I believe, he has already been there twice as many times as the former minister managed in four years. The new Minister for Education, the Deputy Premier, is responsive to the needs of our community. He gets out and about visiting schools and taking action. What a contrast to the previous minister, who hid in his bunker at 2 Treasury Place while our government schools were left to crumble. We hear a lot in this place from opposition members about how they understand the needs of country Victorians and about how good they are at representing the interests of country Victorians. If that were the case, then Daylesford Secondary College would not be in the state it is in today. If they were that good, they would not now be sitting on the opposition benches after one failed term in government.

Daylesford Secondary College is very much at the heart of the community. Over summer a group of dedicated volunteers led by Marcus Swetnam and Carolyn Lau, which included past and present students, began work on a major overhaul of the school gardens. Victorian certificate of applied learning students have been making and installing panels to decorate outdoor learning spaces and plans are in place to create outdoor seating for the students. Once the gardens are complete and the rebuild funded by this Labor government is complete, the community of Daylesford will have an attractive, inviting and contemporary learning environment for its students. That will have been due to the work of this government and of those volunteers.

The minister’s commitment to allocate $10 million to Daylesford Secondary College has been warmly welcomed. I look forward to confirmation of that allocation. I know a Labor government will not let down my community. I encourage the minister to visit as soon as possible to assure the people of Daylesford that under Labor this school rebuild will be completed.