Mental Health Contacts & Services Guide

Mental health is something that affects every Victorian. From teenagers to retirees, mums and dads, and workers in all trades and professions.

Almost half of all Victorians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. All of us will know someone who has experienced mental illness or mental health issues.

We know many people do not seek treatment for their mental health issues, or do not receive the level of care they need.

This is why the Andrews Government has established a Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System – the first of its kind in Australia. It’s an opportunity to repair and build the modern, contemporary mental health system Victorians deserve.

My Mental Health Contacts & Services Guide is updated annually and goes out to schools, local GP’s and community health services, and contains information about local services, support groups, specialist support, phone apps and more.

If you’d like a hard copies of the booklet, give my office a call on (03) 5428 2138.

We have provided all the important details and emergency contacts to call should you be experiencing any mental health issues. Please, if it’s an emergency, call 000.