Change for Crown Land Caravan parks

Local member for Macedon, Mary-Anne Thomas, today announced a change in the way Victoria’s Crown land caravan parks are managed.

The change will enable existing permanent residents to remain in Crown land caravan parks, while preventing any new permanent residencies within the parks.

Victoria’s Crown land caravan parks play an important role in providing short term affordable holiday opportunities for all Victorians.

Under the current policy (2011) permanent residents are not permitted in Crown land caravan parks.

Now people who are living in these parks can remain, while the parks are open to holiday makers, supporting regional jobs and tourism.

There will be longer term agreements instead of the current annual permits for these residents as well as measures to ensure this approach is not used to allow new permanent residents in our parks.

Mary-Anne Thomas said the change in policy will create more security for the future of existing permanent residents in Crown land caravan parks, and deliver a more rounded, comprehensive policy to govern the use of these vital social and economic areas.

It will enable existing residents at the Daylesford Holiday Park in Victoria Park, Daylesford to continue to live in the park.  “It’s been an understandably distressing time for the permanent residents facing eviction at Daylesford caravan park and this announcement is an important move to give the residents greater support and security” said Mary-Anne Thomas.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DELWP) will support Hepburn Shire Council and the lessee to amend the lease for this park in accordance with the new approach.

The policy detail will be developed to clarify how permanent residents in Crown land caravan parks in Victoria are to be managed by both committees of management and private operators.

The detail will be developed in consultation with land managers, operators and the industry in coming months.