Commuters from Romsey and Lancefield will experience more seamless bus connections to Sunbury Station following common sense improvements to the local bus timetable.

Local MP Mary-Anne Thomas said the new timetable had been introduced after a strong community campaign and that the changes will make it much easier for commuters to get to school and work on time.

Starting 27 August, the existing 8.10am service will leave Lancefield at 7.40am and Romsey at 7.50am to arrive at Clarkefield Station at 8.02am and Sunbury Station at 8.15am.

The change will enable commuters to get to the city earlier by catching the 8.22am V/Line service from Clarkefield, reducing the current 1 hour and 27 minute wait for the next train service to ten minutes.

The timetable change will also allow students from Sunbury Downs College connect with the dedicated school bus service that departs Sunbury Station at 8.25am.

Under the current timetable, to get to school on time, students from Romsey and Lancefield attending Sunbury Downs College have to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes at Sunbury Station at 7am in the morning.

The new timetable will deliver students from Lancefield and Romsey to Sunbury Station at 8.15am – five minutes before the school bus for Sunbury Downs College departs.

To accommodate the changes, three morning bus services will depart earlier between Lancefield, Romsey and Sunbury.

The first service will depart Lancefield 10 minutes earlier at 6.20am, and the first return service will leave Sunbury station 20 minutes earlier at 7am.

Passengers can access further information and the new timetable from 27 July at

Quotes attributable to Member for Macedon Mary-Anne Thomas

“The community told us that the bus connections simply weren’t good enough, and we’ve made changes so people in Lancefield and Romsey have better access to buses and trains at Sunbury station.”

“These changes will help all commuters but especially students get to school on time – helping them get the most out of their school day and taking the pressure off parents.”