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Hands off our state school funding, Mr Turnbull!

Malcolm Turnbull has threatened to turn his back on funding state schools this federal election year.

Based on the cuts made in last year’s horror federal budget, Malcolm Turnbull is already short-changing Victorian students $1.1 billion over 2018 and 2019 by cutting crucial needs-based funding from the Federal Education Budget.

This massive funding cut will hurt students and schools right here in our region.

A Shorten Labor Government will honour the final years of Gonski funding. For more info see here:

How much will my school lose?

Schools in Macedon are listed below.

You can check the amount that will be lost for any government school in Victoria by following this link to a table compiled by the Victorian Department of Education (schools are listed alphabetically).




Bolinda Primary School >-$100,000
Bullarto Primary School >-$100,000
Clarkefield Primary School >-$100,000
Coimadai Primary School >-$100,000
Darraweit Guim Primary School >-$100,000
Daylesford Primary School -$100,000 -$200,000
Daylesford Secondary College -$500,000 -$600,000
Drummond Primary School >-$100,000
Elphinstone Primary School >-$100,000
Gisborne Primary School -$300,000 -$300,000
Gisborne Secondary College -$900,000 -$1,100,000
Hepburn Primary School >-$100,000
Hesket Primary School >-$100,000
Kyneton Primary School -$200,000 -$200,000
Kyneton Secondary College -$600,000 -$600,000
Lancefield Primary School -$100,000 -$100,000
Langley Primary School >-$100,000
Macedon Primary School -$100,000 -$200,000
Malmsbury Primary School >-$100,000
Mount Macedon Primary School >-$100,000
New Gisborne Primary School -$300,000 -$400,000
Newham Primary School >-$100,000
Parkville College -$500,000 -$700,000
Riddells Creek Primary School -$200,000 -$200,000
Romsey Primary School -$200,000 -$200,000
Taradale Primary School >-$100,000
Toolern Vale and District Primary School -$200,000 -$200,000
Trentham District Primary School >-$100,000
Tylden Primary School >-$100,000
Woodend Primary School -$200,000 -$300,000
Yandoit Primary School >-$100,000


Hands off our state school funding, Mr Turnbull!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, please don't cut the need-based funding our schools so desperately need.

This money can be used for additional teachers, psychologists, welfare workers and physiotherapists and resources that will help our students be the best they can be.

Please fund our schools equitably and give our children the education they deserve.


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